We offer a range of services which include:

CRM / Digital Strategy

Palfreeman Services can help define your company’s CRM and digital strategy.

A CRM Strategy from Palfreeman Services will deliver:

  1. A clear vision of how CRM will help your company determine:
    • where to invest to deliver more revenue from your direct and digital marketing,
    • how to monitor and drive additional sales from a field sales team ,
    • where service should be integrated into sales and marketing to deliver a better customer experience.
  2. An assessment of the current organisations CRM capabilities, viewed across people, process, governance, tools & technology, showing where gaps need to be closed to achieve the groups’ strategic objectives.  The impact of each of these dimensions will be shown for the business and the customer.
  3. Stop, Start or Continue recommendations for major CRM projects and tools.
  4. A road map showing current and future projects, their interdependencies and which ones should be prioritised first.
  5. A long-term strategic CRM vision for your company, showing how Marketing Sales and Service CRM can be integrated to increase sales and drive down costs in the long term. 

CRM Capability Assessment

  • Over the last 10 years Palfreeman Services has developed its own CRM capability assessment model.
  • The capabilities assessed include: Data, Analytics, Segmentation, Actionable insights, Campaign Management, Digital channels and reporting feedback and attribution.
  • This is based on an industry standard model.
  • The model has been used at companies such as Coles, Origin, Qantas, Tabcorp and Western Sydney University and others.
  • We use this model with the business strategy to determine the gaps in capability across technology, process, people, governance for the each of the key CRM elements.
  • This is then used to develop a strategy and a plan to address the gaps in capability.

Vendor Selection

Palfreeman Services have run a number of CRM and digital vendor selection processes for clients.

Depending on the client needs, we have run Request For Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) tenders.  We have also helped customers fast track to the right vendor and get the best outcome through a proof of concept pilot.

We always work closely with the clients’ internal procurement, legal, IT and architecture groups as well as the key client stakeholders.

CRM Software vendors are particularly good at selling their solution as the answer to a company’s CRM problems.  CRM Software vendors objective is to sell software licences.  Often the budgets for training, integration, setting the processes and governance for implementation are neglected over software licences.  In some cases we have found the real benefit comes from fixing the existing CRM platform and investing more in fixing other issues such as data, rather than investing a new CRM solution.

Customers like that we are independent, know the CRM and digital market well and always negotiate the best long term deal for our customers

Project / Program Management

We have extensive project and program management experience and have certifications from the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Project Management (PMBOK) and Agile.

Marketing Compliance

Marketing compliance is an area of specialisation for Palfreeman Services.  Our founder, David Palfreeman, has a Masters in Legal Practice and has been admitted to the Supreme Court in Canberra as a legal Practitioner.  His article has been published on telemarketing law in the Law Institute of Victoria Journal. 

We understand that compliance with marketing laws is not just about training, but ensuring the processes, data, systems and procedures all have to be understood and checked.

There are multiple laws that apply to digital and CRM, especially in the area of email marketing.   We have assisted several companies to set up systems, processes and checks for their email marketing.

We also have checklists that have been built up over years of experience to share with your organisation.

Marketing Automation

We have been working with Marketing Automation platforms since 1996 with the Admiral MIND product, which became Prime Response, which then became part of Chordiant, then Pegasystems.

Since then we have worked with a number of platforms and vendors, including Teradata, Aprimo, Adobe (Campaign Standard & Classic), Oracle (Siebel) and Salesforce.

The products have come along way since 1996, but some of the fundamentals remain the same, especially around data.

We have assisted a number of organisations with cross channel and platform marketing automation.

We can assist with vendor selection, optimisation, processes and strategy for your cross channel marketing automation.